The Story:

Whiteriver, AZ – Café Gozhóó is a Western Apache café that integrates the tastes and flavors of Apache food-ways with exciting techniques while activating ancestral knowledge in learning and service. Specialties include Nada’Ban, Squash Stew, Red Chili, Acorn Stew, frequent specials, espresso based drinks and Cowboy Coffee, etc.

Café Gozhóó provides a needed food, retail and fueling outlet on the North end of Whiteriver, Arizona. The café is designed for Apache community members with focused lighting, an open kitchen and warm atmosphere to promote recovery. Café Gozhóó will serve place-based fresh Apache cooking with integrations of Indigenous Foods of the Americas.

Café Gozhóó is a Native American community-based vocational training center and multi-purpose hospitality facility for individuals who have participated in therapeutic programming with the Rainbow Treatment Center’s Working 2 Wellness Program. Café Gozhóó will create jobs, promote professional development and equip individuals with job skills while helping to revitalize our Western Apache food system.

Café Gozhóó is an edible education in Indigenous Resurgence in Western Apacheria.